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If I could go back in time I would have never bought this car. I did my research and thought I was getting a hell of a deal for a car that was 4 years old with 25000 miles on her. The first few months we're trying times, "what's that clacking noise in my dashboard?", "Why won't my doors lock or unlock?". Sure petty little things, but things I've never had to deal with before.
So after I come to the realization that if someone wants to get in the passenger side rear door, I have to stretch my body in an ungodly manner to reach the doorlock and let them in, and I have replaced the clicking air door actuators.... Ahhh yes the water pump goes. This car is just a lovely thing. Fix one thing and something else breaks.
I also forgot to mention the warped rotors that were on it when I bought it. But I thought, " hell of a deal, and I can do brakes.".... I didn't think I would be doing them twice in 60000 miles. And don't think I put shit brakes on, I didn't.
So we come to my current situation with my lovely "Impy".
Front wheel bearing goes bad. So I decide to do brakes, again, at 85000 miles. The job went well for anyone who has done it, they know. Two days later the back wheel is clicking and grinding. Another wheel bearing. Ok, I got this...... What a fucking nightmare. I had a pile of rust two inches thick under my wheel from the backing plate, which since I couldn't find it anywhere else, I called the dealership. "Well sir. That's a discontinued part." To which I replied, "I KNOW." So I kindly ask the man "so what would you do if my car was in your garage right now and needed this part?" He said they would call AutoZone. LMAO.
Rack and pinion and power steering pump at 80000 miles.(not a cheap or easy fix.)
Bottom line is. It wasn't a deal. I got robbed. And from what I've researched so have allot of other people. Chevy is not Chevy anymore. They sell garbage. And the worst part is, they know it.
I left out countless other problems with this piece of trash I can call my own. Sad part is, I used to be die hard Chevy. I think they died with Earnhardt.

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Yes, it sucks... Nobody likes to have to deal with issues with their "new to them" car...

However, you can hear that exact same type of story from any other car brand or specific car - and you can hear the opposite story for any brand or specific car, including a 2008 Impala. Unfortunately, sometimes you get a "lemon" - no matter what brand or specific car you talk about.

Right now there is someone else out there with a 2008 Impala that will rave about how great of a car it's been. :)

That's why I always thinks it's funny when someone says "I'm never buying anoher [Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Nissan, ...] - just because you had one bad xxxxx brand of car, does NOT mean that they are all crap.

Like I said, you can find this exact same type of story for every brand or specific car. They all have "lemons". You just have to hope you don't get one of them - and if you do, know when to call and quits and get rid of it.

All of that being said, I do feel for you. It sounds like you've been pretty unlucky in this case. If you keep it, we're here to help! :)
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