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I can purchase a vehicle being surplussed by my employer but has no brakes at all. I spoke with the maintenance director who told me the vehicle has just came back from the shop with over $1200 in parts and it still isn’t fixed and that they are done with it. I inspected the car, overall condition is good and runs great. This was a fleet vehicle with regular maintenance. When I pushed him on the brake problem, I was told they put 4 new master cylinders on the car and then thought it was the ABS Module. Apparently, they do not make this part any longer is what I have been told. They found a used one and installed it-same problem.

To possibly help with diagnosing the problem, I have put some photos on here. I know very little about Chevy so any help would be great!

Master Cylinder:

ABS Module:

ABS Module 2:

Close up of front ABS Module:

ABS Module Part Number:

I was looking at the car this morning and found this purple wire unplugged, could that be the issue?

I know this isn't related to the problem, but it is a fully loaded car with heated leather author as well:

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