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I have this issue, when cruising at speeds around 20-30, and I accelerate to the point where the trans downshifts, sometimes it's very hard, and I'm not "punching" it either, (well, not all the way) just accelerating enough to have the trans kick down, and it hits very hard, the first time I noticed this is when some jerk was giving up his right of way to me, when I was the one yeilding (like I was supposed to) and since we were both slowing down, I knew my car had the power to get out of that merging lane, and that's one time when I did "punch it" and the front end hit so friggin hard I thought I broke a cv joint or something.

anyways, the car is going to the dealer in the morning to have some other issues looked at, so I will mention that 3-2, or 2-1 downshift to them.
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