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Howdy all,

I'm hoping someone could help an old guy understand a thing or two about some issues I'm having with my Impala.

Over the past couple of months, the "Service Tire Pressure Monitoring System" has started to come on intermittently. When this happens, the right-rear tire always shows as -- where the other 3 tires show typical 33-37psi readings. I recently replaced two tires, and had the fronts rotated to the back at the same time... TPMS signal still shows the right rear tire as faulty.

Assuming there is a problem with whatever unit receives the signal from the TPMS sensors (which is covered under my warranty), I took it to the dealership to have a look. They told me it was a bad TPMS sensor (which is NOT covered under my warranty) and they'd be happy to replace it for $175. I explained that the issue didn't follow the tire when they were rotated, and the reasoning the service manager / technician gave me was that the place where I had the tires rotated either didn't relearn the sensors correctly, or didn't do it at all. (I know for a fact that they did it, I was sitting in the waiting room when I heard all four "beep beep"'s from my car, notifying that the sensors were relearned.)

The dealership relearned the wheels themselves, and sure enough, the same tire is still giving the same error. Next time I am in, I am going to have them rotate the tires and relearn the sensors, then, if it follows the tire, it will prove to me that their diagnosis is correct. If it sticks with the same wheel location, then it should prove to them that it's the receiving unit (whatever the name of the module that receives the signal from the TPMS sensor is called).

Well, to add an additional symptom, this morning, my key FOB stopped working. I replaced the battery, still didn't work. I tried reprogramming it with the new battery and it wont take.

I called the service manager this morning to tell him of this new symptom, and instead of just accepting this as further evidence that the receiver unit is failing, he suggested that my key FOB needed to be replaced as well.

I'm having a very hard time accepting this diagnosis, and I'm hoping a third (impartial) party might be able to convince me that I should.



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find another dealer if one is close

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Just found this... maybe I should print it out and show the dealership:

#07-08-52-001B: Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
Inoperative, Poor Range, Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM)
Message Displayed, Remote Vehicle Start (RVS)
(Replace/Reprogram RCDLR, Replace Antenna and
Transmitters) - (Jun 19, 2007)
This bulletin is being revised to include an "Important" statement containing breakpoint
information based on the vehicle's build date. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number
07-08-52-001A (Section 08 - Body and Accessories).
Important: This bulletin does not apply to vehicles built after the following dates:
For vehicles built after these dates, refer to SI for diagnosis and repair information.
Some customers may comment about one or more of the following conditions:
Any of these concerns may be caused by an internal fault with the transmitters and/or the Remote
Control Door Lock Receiver (RCDLR) software/hardware.
Subject: Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Inoperative, Poor Range, Tire
Pressure Monitor (TPM) Message Displayed, Remote Vehicle
Start (RVS) (Replace/Reprogram RCDLR, Replace Antenna and
Models: 2006-2007 Buick Lucerne
2006-2007 Cadillac DTS
2006-2007 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo
• DTS / Lucerne: 5/1/07
• Impala / Monte Carle: 3/1/07
• The remote keyless entry (RKE) transmitters will not program, function and/or the RKE
transmitter low battery message is displayed.
• The Service Tire Monitor System message is displayed.
• The new RKE transmitter cannot be programmed.
• The remote keyless entry (RKE) and/or remote vehicle start (RVS) transmitter has poor
© 2008 General Motors Corporation. All rights reserved.

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You could, but you'd be better off just finding a new dealer who isn't trying to screw you.

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Jerm, I just wanted to let you know I'm available via private message if you would like me to contact your dealer for you to follow up on your lingering concerns or to locate other dealers nearby. Please feel free to contact me privately anytime!


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