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I came out to my car a few weeks ago and noticed the fog lights where on. I started the car, hit the button to turn them off and they where still on. Even turning the high beams on, fogs still on.

I ended up pulling the fuse. A few days later I put the fuse back in, and the lights operate normal. No issues at all. A few days after that, same issue.

I've done the pull the fuse, put the fuse back in a few times now and sometimes its good for a few days, other times only a few hours.

The fuse is good obviously, the lights are good, everything else works so I'm kinda stumped. I asked about a fog light relay (possibly stuck?) at O'reillys and they showed me a picture of it, but I cannot find anything close to that in / on or around the fuse panels in the car, or under the hood.

Anyone ever have this issue?
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