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...have a possessed car?? Periodically, all sounds that come through the speakers do not work-no radio, no on star, no turn signal clicking, no seat belt alerts or dinging when you open the door with the keys in. Service dept has not been able to duplicate the problem as it only seems to happen about once a month or so. Sometimes restarting the car or turning it off and letting it sit a while will work, but other times it will not work for over a day. Other times, the sounds will come back on while driving down the road. Doesn't seem to make any sense, and there seems to be no common denominator in the times that it malfunctions. They've already replaced the radio (twice). I don't think it's the radio, because it includes all sounds the car makes. They've checked all the wiring to the speakers, and nothing is loose. Anybody else have this problem? Anone have any thoughts??
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