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Hi gang. I wanted to post this up on the various message boards before trying E Bay.

PLEASE E Mail me directly: [email protected]

The major item I have for sale is the transmission. Its out of an 95 with 41K on it. I bought this attached to a motor which I needed for my 95 Riviera. This transmission wasnt needed as I used the original. This was pulled from a Police Auction vehicle. The thieves had the car and were chopping it. The motor/transmission was halfway chopped from the car when they got busted... So its untested but I believe its good. If it wasnt, why steal it?

I also have the Alternator and Injectors from the motor. The design/plugs wont allow me to use them.

Again this comes from a car with 41K on it.

The transmission is available immediately for pick up. Im located in Elmore Ohio which is 15 minutes from Toledo Ohio.

I can ship the rest. Shipping is actual and TBD.

Trans: $300
Alt: $40
Injectors: $50

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