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Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me. I bought a 2005 Impala base model with a column shift in January. Shortly after buying it, I was noticing a very sensitive rattle sound coming from what I thought was where the ash tray is located. After taking the ash tray out and driving it, I could still notice it. So I took the glove box out and had my brother try to help me locate the sound. He found it. With the glove box out, there is a gray metal, non-removable box (I guess you would call it), and if you press down on it in the front, the sound goes away completely. I have tried putting felt material in between, which didn't help and covers the 5 holes to screw the glove box back into place, so that wouldn't work anyway. Anyone else ever notice this? Are there any TSB's for anything in that area? I can't find anything relevant on Google or YouTube, so I thought I would try a Chevy Impala forum. I also noticed another sound coming from the ash tray cover area, toward the back. I looked underneath there and saw some screws and one of the wasn't as tight as it should be, but it didn't make a difference after I tightened it. This sound I am hearing from that general section could be confined to the glove box area and no where else; maybe it just gets more noticeable when it's warmer in the car, now that we're finally getting some warmer weather. I can take some pictures and circle the areas where I am hearing the sound(s), if need be. Thanks for any replies!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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