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I drove my 2005 Impala days ago & it was fine. I met with my dad & he started driving my car & I rode with him. He filled up my tank @ a Valero Station. A few hours later when I got back behind the wheel I noticed that my car was driving kinda sluggish & didn't have the acceleration that Im used to. I ignored it and thought I was trippin. Then about an hour after I got behind the wheel I was driving and the car just lost all power. I was going through an intersection and pumping the gas with my foot and wasnt getting any power. I thought the car had stalled but it didnt. After a few seconds the power came back. However the sluggishness got even worse after that. I could get up to high speed but it took more to get there. If I was to just smash the gas to pass a car or something like I may usually do, the car pickd up speed very slow compared to what Im used to.

No warning lights or anything came on in the car. Could it be bad gas? Or a transmission problem or something?

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I had a very similar problem with my impala one time, I thought it was bad gas cause I had also gotten it from a valero, but it turned out to be my Mass Air Flow Sensor. What motor do you have in yours?
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