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Ownd it 4 about 3 mnths. It was in excellent condition when I got it but 3 weeks ago I experienced bad gas 4rm a Valero Station & it seems the car hasnt run right since. It was accelerating VERY slow. I let the bad gas burn out & refilld w/ better gas & gave it an STP fuel system treatment & it was getting better day by day.

A few days ago my check engine light came on & I took it 2 the dealer. They said the light was caused by "Lean Fuel" or something like that. They said the engine was basically starving for GAS. They checkd the fuel system out & they found no problems. I askd could bad gas cause a problem like that & they said yes. They cleared it & the light hasnt come back on.

I was driving tonite & somewhat racing & I noticed that my car still doesnt have the Get Up that it used to have though. I got beat by 2 4Cylinder compact cars to my V6 Impala. I got on the freeway and had to push the car hard just to make it to 100mph when b4 it was a breeze to get there

Whats Wrong????
Take off acceleration is not as good as it was either. And when on the freeway attempting to pass... it seems I have to push it harder now. They ran diagnostics on the car but found nothing.

Do you think this is something that a Major Tune-Up would fix?

I need my speed back!

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Change the fuel filter. Most likely you got trash from the Valero station and now you fuel filter is clogged. A tune up will not hurt either if it has not had one in a while.
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