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2005 Chev Impala --- What would cause a "chafing" sound within the steering wheel?

Initially, I was getting what sounded like a chafing/rubbing sound, plus vibration up through my steering wheel. I was also hearing what sounded like "cracking" on the driver's side of the car.... Assumed it was something going on with strut mount, or tyrod ends... or the CV joint....NONE of the above. (IN FACT: Front end is completely fine!)

Once the mechanic 'greased' the (body/motor) mounts the cracking noise left... now all I have is a slight sound of chaffing/rubbing within the steering wheel. (Notice it mostly when car is stationary position)

Are there any Chev guru's out there, who can explain to me what's going on within my steering? (Should I be overly concerned?)

P/S fluid is fine.(that was the first thing I checked) Thanks anyway.

Are Impala's known for having problems in their steering columns?
Is there a site where I can check out the "fixes" (RECALLS) that GM has issued?
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