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Hey everyone!

So I'm new here and thought I'd throw a question out.

I've been having problems with my sound. A few weeks ago i started to notice my driver door speaker was very quiet compared to my passenger side. I figured maybe the speaker was going bad and i was planning on replacing the fronts anyway, so i did. Even with the new speakers in, the left side is still quiet. (yes I have checked the fade and balance lol). After this little project I noticed the back speakers are the same way just not as drastic.

I also replaced the radio because some of the lights were going out and it was another piece to this "sound upgrade" project I'm into. It was also a shot to see if I'd get my sound back but its still quiet on the left.

My next thought was maybe the amp in the trunk? Can you bi-pass it or replace it using the wires or plugs from the old one? Could it be the reason my sound is all goofified?

Oh yeah, I heard that if your sound goes out completely to check under the carpet on the passenger side where the wires are for corrosion because of water pooling up in there. I couldn't find any water or corrosion. They actually looked very clean.

Hope that all made sense! haha. Let me know if you need more info. Any help would be greatly apreciated! :D

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It has been a while and I know that it was hard to find a Bypass kit for the amp for the 02-05 IMpalas. So I always pin tested and Then Pop tested the wires to do the bypass. Sadly I know it is easier with knowing what wire went where.... However after doing it a few times I know have a system of how to remember what and where things went lol.... With that said I will try and explain the best I can...

Your OEM Amp is a Silver little box that sets in the back tray center. There are 2 sets of wires. One is little larger then the other...

Call them Harness 1The Larger one and 2 the smaller one.

Unplug them, Then position the Harnesses so they have the clips facing up. (The Clips that you have to push in to unplug them.)
Take 8 wires and make sure they are not to thick or to thin. IT would be best if you could get a Bypass with Pins and harvest the wires and pins from them but wires will work...

Insert 1 wire into the upper right hole in Harness 1, The other end will go into the right bottom hole of harness 2.
1 wire into lower right hole in harness 1 the other end will go into the upper right hole of harness 2.

That is what you will do for the 8 wires. Harness 1 is the 24 pin harness. Harness 2 is the 12 pin. Wire from Harness spot will go into the opposite of the other until all 8 wires are used on the right side looking at the harnesses...

I drew out what I was trying to relay will take a picture and upload it from this drawing. I ran out of colors but did have the ability to show what I mean for the first 4 wires do that for all 8 and your amp is bypassed...


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Thanks for the feedback!

I think what you're throwing down is making sense. Are you essentially making it so the smaller back plug and larger gray one are connecting to each other? Or did you have something else in mind? I'm going to crawl into my trunk later today or tomorrow and look at the wiring into each plug ans see whats going on with each. I might take a picture of each plug and throw it on here for reference.

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Well it isn't Pin for Pin... As the Picture shows... On the right top of 24 pin goes to the Bottom right of 12 pin... then the bottom right of 24 goes to top right of 12 pin.... then the second to the right on top 24pin goes to second to the right bottom of 12 pin...

That is how it goes for the first RIGHT 4 Pairs only... The other wires are not used in this bypass...

Just think of it like this. If it came from top of 24 pin harness it goes to the bottom of the 12 pin of that same row.

Ok I will pin it out..

Pins on top are A1-12 of 24 pin harness Bottom B1-12

A1 Not Used
A2 Not Used
A3 Not Used
A4 Not used
A5 Not Used
A6 Not Used
A7 Not Used
A8 Not Used
A9 goes to C
A10 goes to D
A11 goes to E
A12 Goes to F
B1 Not Used
B2 Not Used
B3 Not used
B4 Not used
B5 Not used
B6 ot used
B7 Not used
B8 Not Used
B9 Goes to J
B10 goes to I
B11 Goes to H
B12 Goes to G

12 Pin Plug is Lettered starting at the Bottom left A so the bottom row is A-F then the top row is L-G from right to left... So that is why B12 goes to G because that is on top of F and it goes backwards..

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