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My wife's CD player is not functioning.
It will not accept a CD-pull it in. When it has one in there it doesn't read.
Finally got the CD to come out that has been in it,and there is a "gunk" on it that looks like sticky coke so damn.
Non-Bose radio with the TPMS/Oil controls etc..

I would really like to send it somewhere for repair,i'm not great with taking apart radio's.

And she really doesn't want an aftermarket radio. Right after we bought the car I had a $2k AVIC N2 DVD/NAV unit installed and she hated it so we took it out.
I've got a 12disc unit laying around,but don't really like them so that's out.

I definately don't want to pay for a new radio,would rather repair this one so if there is a link someone has to a repair place I would appreciate it.

Worse comes to worse she will just get another in-car computer with a touchscreen since that would be cheaper than a new stock radio.
She'll just suffer :D
Thanks for any info.
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