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Wow... what happened? Hopefully it was not ur fault... I was surprised that when I got into my accident that they did not total mine out as well, although my air bags did not deploy so that is some of it. Most of the time they total something out due to the current milage or year, but since it is a 2004 I am sure thats not the reason why, if it was 10 years old or older I would understand.. I know what its like. My boyfriend just picked up a 1981 Chevy Camaro Z28, had it 24 hours, never even got the chance to drive it and a tree limb fell on it and totaled it out. Trust me I feel your pain. Hopefully you can buy it back and fix it but good luck!!! Insurance companies are a pain in the you know what.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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