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i know this probably in the wrong place but i ve been coming on this site and reading for a while and there are a lot of informative people. I have a 2003 impala with the 3800 na engine in and would like to supercharge and cam this car can someone point in the right direction to get the parts online and to have them installed in the south florida preferably miami area and a place to do the tuning. Again sorry its in the wrong area just really didnt know where to post it.

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I eailed my guy in FL to see if he knows any shops in your area, he does installs, but is in Seminloe (Tampa IIRC) area

As for parts, I have a crap load of them in my gargage i'm willing to part with

Intense SII heads
stock L67 heads
S1X cam
GT1 cam
+ much more
PM me if youre interested in any of them...

Heres a list of parts you will need for a top swap

L67 idler pulleys,
L67 idler stand off,
L67 throttle body,
L67 injectors,
custom PCM,
GTP balancer,
L67 MAP sensor,
L67 heads,
L67 fuel rail,
2 head gaskets,
head studs,
MAP adaptor harness,
bypass valve wiring,
vacuum lines,
brake booster line,
supercharger gasket,
throttle body gasket,
lower intake gasket,
lower intake Orings,
supercharger belt,
GTP valve covers,
GTP valve cover gaskets,
coil pack bracket for 99+ cars,
M90 from an L67,
lower intake from an L67,
M90 bolts,
and new rocker bolts.

i think thats everything
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