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I found my battery dead one day so I thought I had a bad battery. I replaced the battery and 2 days later it was dead again. Re-charged the battery and hooked up my multimeter and watched the voltage drop over time. Checked online and saw a few different solutions people had posted. So far I have replaced the ignition switch, all relays in all 3 fuse boxes. I have disconnected all unnecessary lights and the stereo amplifier. I have pulled fuses out of the fusebox for things that get constant power. It still drains the battery. I did notice the last couple times I hooked up the charger, I would hear a "click" from the left side of the engine compartment and then I would notice the voltage reading on my multimeter would jump up and down and then stabilize. I have seen where people talk about the BCM and the PCM. I'm stumped. Anybody have any ideas?:When the battery is charged it will start up and run just fine. No warning lights. The alternator charges fine.
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