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well in 2002 mazda 626 is a good car. the 02 impala is a good car as well. the only thing with the impala is, make sure it has the 3800 v6 and not the 3400 v6 the 3400 is not a good motor at all. the mazda go with the 4cly auto, would be a great car. Down the road, it is always going to be less expensive to repair the chevy vs the mazda hands down. But if you are looking for a good car that will last you many years to come. honda accord 4cly, automatic ex package. You will enjoy it for a long time as well.. The impala with the 3800 will go many miles. I have seem them with 300k might have to go through the transmission, but that 3800 engine is a superb motor, you can ask any engine tech on that one!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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