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2002 Impala LS, 3.8 N/A
140,000 miles

Within the past few months I've had a hard time opening the rear doors on either side, from the outside of the car. The handles are sticking and having a hard time unlatching the door. I replaced my rear passenger side handle after pulling it off. Just today when fidgeting with the door trying to get it to open, the rear door handle on the drivers side broke from resistance just trying to get in the car. Both front doors seem to be fine.

A) Anyone else have this trouble? What do I need to do? Is it a lack of lubrication?
B) Whether or not it is a lack of lubrication inside the assembly, what is your preferred choice of lube for door handles in general? My dad has tried a few different ones for his Tahoe, can't remember the brands, but hasn't found one he's liked yet.

It's very frustrating, kicked my drivers door shut before stomping my angry Italian ass inside and now my window won't go up. Funny and not funny at the same time. :dunno:
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