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Hi all

I'm having a issue with my son's car and hope I can get some help, recently we changed the wiper motor his Impala and all of a sudden code P0102 shows up on the scanner, Mass Air Flor Meter, the first thing we did was clean the sensor with MAF cleaner, reset the code, after a few starts the code came back, we then purchased a new MAF from Rock Auto, installed it eraser the code again and after a few starts is came back up. So I went on line and did some reading, a lot of information out there on this issue and to tell you the truth very confusing. This is what we have done so far to try and fix the problem,

Replaced the following parts

MAP Sensor
Air Temperature Sensor
PCV Valve & hose
Spark Plugs
Air Filter
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Filter
Throttle Position Sensor
Idle air control Valve
SMP Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid

We also have tried three other MAF sensors, check wiring on the sensor, so as you can see we have tried everything that we can think of, We are stuck, can help with this issue

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The only thing I can figure, is that you must have damaged some wiring when you replaced the wiper motor. I would thoroughly inspect all around where you were working first.
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Bring it to a dealer and have them hook up a tech 2 scanner and check maf readings.

Likely a wiring issue.
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