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test drove it on Saturday & it runs great, especially for having 109k on it. It has the 3.4L which I've heard should get it atleast 30 MPG. Some of the small issues are the A/C only works on the high & it pulls to the right just a bit. Also, I noticed it doesnt have overdrive, is that odd? Also the car has some rust showing through around the bottom of the car in a few areas & a couple spots on one of the doors. My b/f, who is a mechanic told me the rust isnt a huge issue, but it is reason enough for them to come down on the price. Right now they want $5995, but they are good friends & have done business with my Dad, so awhile back they did mention I would get his "discount". We did tell them about the A/C, but I thought I'd wait till I got financing to mention that it was pulling to right a bit & also mention the rust (like they dont already know!) and see if I could offer maybe $4500 & my Ford Taurus as trade in, which would only be worth maybe $300. Would this be a fair?
Ok people, as far as the MPG for this car - 30 MPG TOPS is what I am saying - and that is not a number I just magically came up with - that is what is listed in the specs for this vehicle - look it up. Also, reading user reviews - this car gets the best MPG in its class! I dont expect 30 MPG, but even 28 would be nice for the size of the car it is...
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