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I've read through some of the advice and according to the mechanic, its the Lower Intake Manifold.

My question is, once this is replaced, will the problem stop? I've been quoted at about $750 for parts and labor. Is this reasonable? (Also coming with tune up, flush, and oil change.)

Also, what are future concerns if I cannot take care of this right away? I've been adding oil and coolant, to keep the levels up, but can this coolant/oil mixture severely wreck anything? If so, what?
How will I know if water caused the bearings to go bad? The engine sounds like its running smoothly.

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Ok what I am understanding is that the oil is going into the coolant not vise versa, if this is correct then the motor bearings are fine with no damage, if your oil is brownish-milky-cream color then have the bearings checked.
The $750.00 for the gasket replacement, tune-up, flush, and oil change is very reasonable on this car.
Make sure the mechanic uses the proper gaskets and then it will not be a problem. I believe that Chevrolet has a TSB regarding this problem, it will need to be followed.
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