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Supertrapp exhaust tip, 14 disks, plus aluminum end cap, new supertrapp end cap also, used less than 6 months
slash cut exhaust tip, not a cheap auto parts store tip either, it needs to be cleaned and re polished
factory 6.5 door speakers, work perfect 10$
ported factory front manifold, stock front manifold, exhaust crossover
new gatorback belt for 3.1,3.4,and 4.3 20$
stock 3800 water pump pulley 5$
l26 series 3 fuel rail with injectors
l26 series 3 drive by wire throttlebody
2001 l36 impala ecu, 2002 l36 impala ecu 50$, 50$
used stock rockers, 2 sets/ one set has 68,000 miles, other has 163,000 miles make offer
gtp, pontiac, chevy, impala, 3800, 3.8, l26, l36, l67, regal gs, park avenue ultra, chevy venture, olds silouette
used non-supercharged sets of heads 100 per set
used m90 complete needs rebuild
gtp, supercharged throttlebody
motor mount from 2001 impala
used ngk tr55ix all 6 for 15$ orange in color from race gas but work like new, i went two heat ranges colder
used bosch double platnium 100 miles on them all 6 for 15$
used supercharged lower intake make offer
used empty m90 case sand blased and painted, no snout make offer
2001 l36 143,000 miles~ running long block minus upper and lower intake, minus throttle body, minus fuel system. 200 miles on new water pump, coolant got into lifter galley, main bearings started squaking- shut down immediatly and pulled. 150$
used coils, all three on mounting bracket
used 2001 impala red center piece for trunk make offer
used non supercharged valve covers make offer
zzp poly dog bone inserts used for 6mnts, 40$
Call Brett 248-835-5063 Stuff all got to go
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