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Looking at buying an '01 Impala - has 109k on 3.4 engine. A/C only works on high, pulls to the right slightly and has some rust in certain areas. Dealer is asking $5995, I will probably offer $4500 and my car as a trade (my car only worth $300 tops). I will also ask them to correct the issue with the A/C and the pulling. I am getting nervous about all the electrical issues I am reading about w/ these cars. I test drove it and it ran and drove great, so that is why I am considering it. BUT, the rust also worries me, my b/f is a mechanic and he says that the rust isnt a huge deal, but could be in the near future as it gets worse and also, he said he cannot work on electrical problems, so that could end up costing $$. So, any Impala owners who can advise me on what to watch our for with the '01? I really like the car, but dont want it to be a money pit either. Would it be dependable? I;ve heard it could have problems starting too. Anyone NOT have problems with theirs? Thanks...
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