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Me either i guess thats what you get for buying american.

whatever, but this is definitly the head gasket right guys?

When i do the head gasket im gonna pull the fuel rails and cycle the car and make sure they arent sticking at all and replace the o rings on them i dont really know whatelse to do.

A bad cam position sensor could cause this also but i dont have any check engine codes other than crank position sensor from my new computer from overkill which i never got that relearned can that be causing this? i doubt it but maybe someone knows something about it that i don't?

But the oil doesnt appear to be milky or have milky ring on the cap, no fluid coming out the exhaust, no sweet smell, no smoke, heat doesnt smell sweet, no red tint on the spark plugs.

but i am losing coolant about a quart over 3 weeks but i did fill the overflow way up for winter to work out any and all air and get really good heat in the thing so maybe the overflow overflowed and thats where it went if that is possible.

i guess i am just brainstorming here feel free to pick my brain guys.

My ex's minivan was losing antifreeze too. It wasn't a lot, and there was no sign of its leaking or burning. We had the intake gasket fixed and that cured it. I know its a different engine, and different year, but the symptom is the same....?
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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