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Figured I would toss these up on here to see if anyone had any interest. Parts are located in Lebanon, MO. PayPal is good, but if you are local or willing to make a trip, I will knock some $$ off for shipping.

2003 Grand Prix limited edition instrument cluster... This is a 2003 cluster that has the white face gauges with the carbon fiber look background. Unit works as it should, the main lighting bulbs are Sylvania LEDs, the rest are normal bulbs. You will have to calibrate the needles when you install this. You can swap your odometer into this one so that you are still showing accurate mileage. Will work in any 1997-2003 Grand Prix. Asking $250 plus shipping or make an offer.

Next is a 2003 limited edition spoiler... This will bolt on to a factory spoiler trunk with no drilling or any other modifications. It will not bolt on to a NASCAR style spoiler type trunk without drilling. This and the cluster are pretty rare and hard to find. The spoiler has a few scratches in it but nothing major. Asking $250 plus shipping for it... Shipping is going to be kinda expensive given the size of the spoiler...

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