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i am just wondering if i should buy this 1996 chevy impala ss for $11000?it is in great condition with only 062000 has a in dash flip out dvd player with 2 15" kickers L7 with 1000 watt pyle amp.and black tinted windows all around and very cleanin and out?

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:iamwithstupid: Check and make sure the Tint has a warranty and if so, that warranty is transferrable (meaning if he sells the car do you get the warranty also)

Check the speakers and make sure neither are blown .:smile:
Yea...Those should be the LEAST of your concerns for buying the car, is the CAR in good working order. Clean, is it a REAL SS or a clone.
If the car checks out well thats not a bad price, not the best either.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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