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Hi, can any one give me some deriction on what the problem may be with my '95 LT1 Camaro? Every morning I go to start it I have to crank it 3 to 4 times before it finally starts. When it does start it idles very low for a second or two like it's not receiving enough fuel or something. The funny thing is that if I turn if off and try to re-start it right away the car starts right up.
If I shut it down and try to re-start it after 10 minutes or so I have to crank it 3 to 4 times to get it to start again.

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It sounds like the anti-drainback valve in the pump is shot. Try this , ..turn the key on, wait 3-4 seconds and turn it off, turn it on again wait 3-4 seconds then hit start, if it fires right up then that is most likely your issue, mine has been that way for a year in my SS, and I'm not spending 100's of dollars just to fix it, I'll wait until the pump goes.

You can also put a fuel pressure gauge on the schrader valve at the fuel rail and see if the pressure is falling off after shutdown, if you have the gauge.
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