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Anyone out there know of any good online ad sites I can sell my car on? I've tried Autotrader, Kijiji, Bestcarfinder,, craigslist, the local newspapers, posting leaflets I made on photoshop all around the city and so far no success...I've been trying to sell my car for 2 months now, and so far I've had not one person come to look at it, and only people calling trying to trade me cars that arent worth it and make offers that are about half of what my car is there anything else to do?
Im not donating my car because I need the money, and Im not selling it to a dealership or some business buyer that wants to offer me about $500
Im selling it for bluebook value, and its a lot cheaper than other Impalas around me that are for sale, so i know for a fact that im not asking too much

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When I look for used cars I goto Mayeb try them?
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