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hey whats up guys i have a 1992 buick roadmaster that i am trying to sell. i would like to get $600.00 out of it. it was involved in a accident a week after i bought it which smashed in the front passenger side. i put a new door and a new upper control arm on it to straighten up the wheel. i could name some of the things that it needs. it needs a new front fender, master brake cylinder, and a back strut. mechanically it runs like a champ. i bought it from a old mad who once owned it. the tachometer never read and was at 85,000 when i bought it. it could be used for parts or a fixer uper. theres no rust on any of the body parts. its a powder blue color with navy blue leather seats, power locks, power seats, power windows, and all the normal features to it. it did have a alpine cd player in it until somebody stole it from me. all and all it needs some work done to it but it really still is a nice car but could be nicer i just dont have the time or money to put into it right now.
you can contact me at : [email protected] or give me a call at (563)503-9311. the car is located in clinton, ia right on the mississippi.
thanks guys

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sounds like a damn good deal if i was closer id but it for parts good luck w/ the sale you might alos want to post on near your city just a pointer ive sold alot of cars on there:biggrin:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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