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Hey guys, 1st post! Hear me out, the question may go a different direction than you expect.

I have recently acquired a '92 Caprice wagon with the 5.7L engine. From the beginning, my oil light will begin flickering after running for about 20 minutes.

The sending unit port is directly above the oil filter. I have tested the pressure, and it's showing 35 lbs. when cold.

I decided to purchase a new sending unit/sensor thingamajig. Apparently there are 2 types used on this gen Caprice, a long one, or a short one that's used in conjunction with a sending unit for a real gauge (which my car doesn't have).

Here's the weird part. EVERYTHING I've managed to look up says my engine should use the long unit. When I ordered from Rock Auto, it's the only unit showing as compatible.

However, the unit that came off my engine is a short one. And now that I've installed the long one, my oil light stays on all the time!

Can anyone explain what might be going on? Could the short one really be what I need? I want to make sure I get the right piece on there, since the dummy light is my only warning system.

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