Starts & Runs fine, but has been sitting & rusting away for a while.
Was going to part it out, but dont have the time.
159k miles
It is located in Westfield, Wisconsin (hour north of Madison)

Floor is rusted through.
Valve covers leak oil
Lock cylinder on Pass Door is removed.
Rear Brake lines. Line going to Rear is pinched off. Front lines are New.
Windows need clips.
fuel tank filler neck will drip/leak sometimes when adding fuel.
===Some of the things Replaced since 2014==
Tires 2018/2019 NEW x4 with maybe 1,500 miles on them
Muffler & pipe after Cat 2016
RADIATOR (2019/2018)
Hoses / clamps
Water pump
Temp sensor gauge(s)
Thermostat & gasket
Wheel bearings Front x2
Master cylinder
Brake lines front
-Complete Front (2020)
-Complete Rear (2016)
Drum rotors
Hardware kit
E-brakes hardware kit

Front End alignment & replaced all linkage 2016

Windshield wiper Arms Mod
2000’s GM style (still have the originals)
More pictures here