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You have a very good car there. My Impala gets about 12.5 in town and about 17.5-18.5 on the highway.

The reason most newer V-8's get worse mileage is the fact that most americans want power and did not care about getting higher miles per gallon. The Big Three also used the fact that SUV's, big vans and trucks are not requred to get as good gas mileage as small subcompats and such cars do.

Today with my two V-8's I try to drive no faster than 55 on the hwy, yet most all other drivers don't care about fuel price keep driving 70 or higher. At nearly 4.00 per gallon I cannot afford that, yet the cost of a newer car would not save enough money to even pay for itself. So like you I will keep my two V-8's and just drive smarter.

Did you know that your's and even my Impala get better gas mileage than some of the newest V-6 engines? Mostly the minivans V-6's get as much milege as I can get from my V-8, can someone figure that one out?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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