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Hey guys just joined the forum and I'm loving this section already. I have a rwd 85 Cadillac and also a 95 dggm impala ss. The caddy is the daily driver and that's what I have a question about. The first issue I have is with the climate control. The fan does not work with the climate control and I have I'd wired on seperate switch to turn it on. The strange thing is that before I did this I tested the wires and the red wire always had power to it and the ground wire acted like it was switched on not the power wire like most things. The other issue that I have is with the transmission. Driving around town it shifts smoothly with no issues. Sometimes not always when I get on the highway and drive above 55 or so it will not downshift when I come to a stop. The car lugs down and at the last minute it jerks and finally downshift. Then when I go to drive away from the stop it shifts right into 3 and 4th gear right away at low speeds of 10 to 15 mph and the car lugs down again. Can anyone help? I thought about flushing the tranny but I'm worried this will cause more issues than it will fix. Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance!!!
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