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Thought I'd share this one in case anyone would like to replace the aluminized dash vents but are having a hard time finding replacements.

Since my 1973 Caprice Classic has air conditioning, I have 4 similar vents on the dash and they were showing their age.

Pretty dingy.

However I took a chance on these.

And they are exactly the same vent as in the Chevrolet full size car.

Loads better.

Now you have to remove the dash pad. But since I had to replace the heater core, it just seemed like a good time to try these new truck vents.

This was a tedious job.

I ended up R&Ring the interior HVAC plenum.

One of these doors was broken, the seals were disintegrated, all the steel bits were covered in surface rust and the screws rusty. I cleaned, powder coated and painted the bits. Installed new stainless screws and used synthetic lubricant. Works like new.

This was like a Chinese puzzle box getting it out and back in.

Slowly decrapifying the old girl a few parts at a time.


p.s. If you can't see the embedded pictures you might want to view this in another browser.
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