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Of Waiting after i posted the question about the engine turning but not starting. Now it starts with no problems. could this be carb problem? i bought a brand new holley 650 from advance auto. I am going to advance auto to get all new ignition parts and any parts that have to do with firing? Ok remember when i thought my car had vaporlock? i took it to the so called professionals and he said he cleaned out some stuff and i paid 250 and it seems to still miss while im driving...not as much but mostly when im am at a complete stop and it happens between 0 and 15 mph. Im sorry i am not as car savvy as most of you( the GM guy who called me a bonehead).

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When was it tuned up last ?, could be any of the following needs replacement, plugs, points condenser, cap, rotor, wires,...carb issues are usually stalling, black smoke from the exhaust.

Spend the money on a GOOD cap & rotor and wires.
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