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1970 big block swap

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So I got a nice built 396 for my 1970 impala I did buy new energy suspension motor mounts for it. Now I'm wondering whats involved in dropping this bad boy in my car. I'm running a semi built th350 and 2500 stall sadly the axle is stock original 10 bolt 8.2 yes it will probably explode into a thousand pieces when I can source a 12 bolt or ford 9 inch ill get that. I got all the accessory brackets and what not and new alternator from the motor. The 396 came from my step brothers 79 corvette that we are putting a 468 in. I'm just worried about fitment with motor mounts and what not. I do have the headers from the vette so they should fit my car I hope.
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That's good to hear it can modify the headers if need be im sure it won't go smoothly lol things never do
So the headers do not fit lol. Oh well motor is in the car everything bolted up ready to go besides the rad and what not. I have no idea what I'm doing for throttle and trans cable yet since the stock mount don't work. I ordered a new set of headers for it so I should have it done in a few days.
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Note to anyone that ever plans to ever put a big block in their 65 to 70 impala these headers fit perfectly slowly smashing cutting or grinding at all they bolted right up with plenty of clearance so im super happy about that. The car runs but I need power steering and alternator brackets and throttle linkage hooked up so I can take it for a drive. Hedman Hedders 68190 - Hedman Street
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