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My dad finally let me take a look at his 1968 Impala convertible the other day because I have been hounding him about letting me fix the windows so I can take it to prom. The windows were stuck down and i cannot have the wind blowing my date's hair around before prom (after is a different story:biggrin:). I am assuming that the problem is in one location as none of the windows will roll up and they do not make any noise at all when you switch them.

Anyway, I checked the fuses and they all seemed to be working correctly. Then I took off the door panel of the driver's side door and got to the controller panel for all of the windows. The main power 'hole' in the controller panel has a red wire with a white stripe and a brown wire (I think this one has a white stripe as well). I was able to follow the red/white wire with a wire tracker used for computer networking (you just put a tone through the wire and the receiver can find the signal when it comes within a certain range). The red/white wire went from the door to under the dashboard and straight down under the carpet to the back left window and then on to the back right window.

I then tried to follow the brown/white wire, but I was losing light and had to call it a day. I am assuming that the red/white wire brings power to the other windows and that the brown wire brings power in. I assume it should go through the fuse box (in a book i have it said that the power windows went through the 10amp fuse labeled 'radio') but all of the fuses are getting power through.

where does that brown/white wire go to and where along the line would I need to check for failure and where would those parts be located? This is really twisting my brain at the moment, but someone at one point seemed to be worried about a 'relay'... should this be a priority and where should I look?

Also, I just thought of this one, but the book I have says that the fuse for the windows is the fuse labeled 'radio'. The radio does not work, I doubt it is even plugged in. Could this cause the windows to not work?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, the prom is on April 25th and I would love to roll in to my date's high school (I am in college) with my dad's deep red Impala convertible. I know she would love it as well, the impala does tend to turn some heads :redface:!

Again, thank you very much for your help.

P.S. diagrams/pictures would be oh-so-appreciated.
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