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My family has for sale a 1968 Impala convertible. My parents bought it brand new (have receipt with their names on it).

The car was the families daily driver up until the early 90's. It has 260,000 miles on it. Original engine (overhauled, all numbers match), original transmission that's never been touched other than routine oil/filter changes.

Some of the car's highlights and options:

TH350 (factory option)
4 piston calipers/disk brakes in front (factory option, corvette brakes)
air conditioning (factory option, inop)
Cruise control (inop)
electric top in good/great shape
original radio

car is 99% stock and completely unmolested. The Colonel replaced the carb during the mid 70's fuel crunch with a Holley economaster that's been running strong for 40 years. Factory Air shocks are long gone. I just put on new front brakes, packed the front wheel bearings, new shocks all around and replaced the distributor with a Summit brand electronic ignition. Also has new plugs and wires. Runs good. Last engine overhaul in either the late 80s-early 90's. Drives very good, all suspension components (bushings and such) were replaced at the last engine overhaul. It's only been driven about 5,000 miles in the last 20 years.

There is a little bit of rust behind the back wheels. Paint looks fine from 20 feet but I'm sure an enthusiast would like to repaint it.
clock doesn't work
Needs new weather stripping on windows

We're asking around $20,000 with some wiggle room.

Rob in Seattle
More pictures on request. We have plenty (about 45 years worth to be exact).


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