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WHat do I have to do to take the body off a 1965 impala,
how many bolts?

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Removing a frame

Dude you want to remove the frame ?? This is a big job . I have made a video on this check out my website restoration How to remove a frame from a body..done on a 65 Chevy Impala SS convertable
But here is the jist of it. you will need 4 55gal drums and about 12 concrete blocks and 2 4 x 4s about 8 foot long and about 15 pieces of 4 x 4s about 10 inches long. The idea is to jack the body up off the frame higher and higher by inserting the 4 x 4s under the body but over the frame and jacking on each end of the wood. Get the body in the air enough so you can put the 55 gallon durms under them . That will give you enough height for the body to clear the bell housing and the frame tobe wheeled out. Now that was the easy part...
OOps forgot to tell you about the body bolts....lots of luck...I think there is about 6 body bolts on each side...the problem is that most of the time the retaining nut in the body is just held in place by a caged sheet metal retainer. If they are rusty they will spin...then you will need a cutting torch. Keep your fire extinsher ready...You might want to take the interior out first..
Don't forget to remove all the wires going to the motor, the emergancy brake cable , your shifter linkage , steering column connector, brake line going to master cly. Also I think there was some wires going to the rear of the car that have to be removed... oh yea, the wires on the top of your gas tank have to be really should drop that gas tank to get to them also... might as well get new gas tank straps also because they will probably be shot.. I probably forgot a lot allready but for more detailed info see my video..
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