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1962 Impala floor pan (s), where do you get them?

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Hello all; first time post to this forum. I recently purchased a 62 need of lots of work. I've been trying to locate floop pans, probably the individual pieces. Anyone have a place to get these? I've tried goodmark, but they didnt seem to have it. Thanks! Dave.
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Moved to the proper section.

Type in some info and it will find the salvage yards with those cars.
have you tried Ive heard good things about thier reproduction parts
Floor pans, 62 Impala

Thanks guys/gals. Shermans and Classics both had them.
I may be of service to you

I am actually looking to part with entire vehicle at once
Until I obtain 5 post and able to embed links, you'll have to email me directly to see some picks.
heres the link for shermans i'm one of there dealers great work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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