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Well just for info, my brother and I are working on a '62 Bel Air.
As of now we are replacing full floor pans and such, but I have a few questions.
My first is about the interior.
I have looked for a few weeks, and I'm still unable to find a true reproduction of Bel Air door panels. (2 door sedan, specifically, color green)
I have found Impala door panels, but they are very different in design.
I would be greatful if someone could help me out on that.
Also, the car originally came with a straight 6 and an automatic transition.
My brother and I are planning on putting in a 5.7L 350 small block
with a 4 speed tranny.
Does anyone know if the modifications we have to do to the car are going to be too serious? i know that we'll have to chop a hole in the new floor and such, and shave the column shifter, but is it "safe" to change an automatic to a manual?
Don't get me wrong my brother knows what he's dealing with very well.
These questions are just for me, because I am very curious.


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To my knowledge no one makes reproduction '62 Bel Air door panels. That's one of the problems of doing a pre-'63 Bel Air or Biscayne. All of the reproduction parts made are for Impala. Year One makes Bel Air seat covers, but for some reason they do not make the matching door panels. You will probably either have to have them custom made, or use Impala panels. No problems on the auto - manual conversion.

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There are literally dozens of sources for interior parts for Chevys; check YearOne. You could also look at Hemmings Motor News and/or Old Car Trader for other sources.

As for the four-speed conversion? It is relatively easy; you can use factory parts for the clutch, linkages and other assorted and sundry details. Good luck and have fun!

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That's right, you have several options, such as Original Parts Group, Year One, even Danchuck.
I'm sure they carry the right panles for the Impala.

There are some mods involved like engine and tranny mounts, but there's a lot of aftermarket parts to do the swap.
I would use a Camaro, Malibu or Monte Carlo front clip instead, with a more modern suspension, disk brakes and motor mounts.

It's not a problem switching from auto to a stick, just a little more work, specially in the clutch linkage area.

Good luck with the proyect.
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