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Hey guys, a fresh newbie here...

Watching Musclecar the other day i saw the project Impala car, which raised a few questions...
My dad had a 1961 Impala 2 door he bought new in '61. It was the "bubbletop" we are all familiar with. The project car on Musclecar is a 2 door Impala, but it is a sedan model. My dad says i am crazy and they are wrong, that it's a Bel Aire, but i wrote the show and they said it is in fact an Impala. Did Chevy indeed make bubbletops and sedans in the 2 door flavor for 1961?

My dads was red with white stripe and the 283 power pack (4 bbl/dual exhaust) with 3 speed w/overdrive...had 225,000 miles when he parked it, then eventually sold it..:frown:
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