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I have a chance to buy this 1960 Impala. Looking to drive it for a couple of years and just maintain it. Might do some modeste improvements like AC, but for the most part just want a car for the interium until that dream car comes along. Interior is mostle new(expect some tidbits like steering wheel). Wasn't a frame off, but owner says frame and underside was completely wire brushed sanded and treated with por-15. Motor is a 283, nothing fancy, also has front disc brakes. I personally don't like all the red on the motor, but that's an easy fix. I've talked to the gentlamen who owns it and sounds like he takes very good care of the car. No under carriage pics. He's asking 42,500, I'll probably offer 40k considering no AC and no power steering.

I know this is not a lot of information on the car, but assuming its a good quality driver is this in the right ballpark for 60' Impala? I've scoured the internet and found some lowered price Impala's with bigger motors and some suspension work, but the body/color not as nice as this one, I think. Just don't want to take a bath when I sell it, looking for a good solid buy.
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