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Looking to buy a Impala convertible with 31,100 miles. Paint looks good for it's age, starting to crack back near the rear window on both sides. Looks like the hood has been repainted, slightly lighter than the rest of the paint. Edges of the hood are not level with the fenders. Rear end is leaking pretty good along with the Transmission. Convertible top needs replacement and stitching in the drivers seat is starting to tear. It has a 348 Tri-power, automatic trans. Car looks good, but obviously needs some work. Seller is asking $89,900. I am just looking for some feedback, as I think they are asking too much.
The big block 348 is not common, but I don't think it's high demand - it's not a 409 or 427.

Being a convertible makes the car more uncommon, but makes for higher maintenance as well.

My fear is the leaking rear end and transmission need rebuilding, not just new seals.

Why is the paint cracked? If it needs new paint, that's one thing, but if there's bondo underneath that's cracking, then the body work bill just went way up.

With no pics, it's hard to appreciate the eye appeal.

On the one hand, it's a 60 year old car, so some refurbing is to be expected, no matter how well it's been cared for - eg, old rear ends need overhauling occasionally.

On the other hand, $89,900 sounds like the just-out-Dave-Kindig's-door price at Barrett-Jackson.

<disclaimer> I'm not an expert on classic Chevys </disclaimer> but my take is that, for 90k, it needs to be some sort of numbers-matching, rare piece of Chevy exotica, such as a 1970 LS6 Chevelle. Whereas this 58 may be somewhat rare, but not so exotic.

My instincts say more like $30k, $45k tops.

If you do get this, I'm sure you will enjoy it - it does sound like a fun car to own. You will be putting some work into it, chasing after the various issues any 60 year old car is going to have, but it can still be a fun car. However, $90k seems way up there.


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