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Please, experienced intelligent answers only.

I am contemplating the purchase and restoration of a 57 Starchief.

The vehicle is in fair shape, I rate it as 5.5 to 6 of ten points on the scale. The body has a little visible rust, nothing deep, no holes and No dents anywhere; the chrome is 90% good to go and is sweet, with one exception on the left rear bumper. The intererior is ok, the upolstery needs replacement and window seals also; the paint is to be replaced and I intend on painting over a Lime green exterior and intererior with a Cream off white over Rootbeer brown.

It runs, has no obviouse engine issues, needs to be cleaned and painted under the hood and some chrome added where applicable.

The issue is I am not highly experienced in any automotive field; yet, I can do some work and I do have friends whom have high experience in all restoration areas, mechanics, auto-body-paint-wiring and so on.

I would like an assesment on what one is getting into in time-cost?
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