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1930 Willys Knight 70B before and after

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This is my family's (now mine) 1930 Willys Knight 70B. My dad bought the car when I was 15 as an aniversary present for his parents (my grandparents) Me and my dad, mom, and sister restored it for my grandparents so they could take it on tours with the WOKR (Willys Overland Knight Registry est. 1960). The video is of when we brought it home and then after it was finished and the maiden tour (about 250 miles over 3 days). I also used it as my get away car when I got married. The car is now in my possesion. All the restoration was done by me and my dad, including paint, upolstry and even all the wood work. Enjoy!

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How long did it take to restore that wonderful machine? Nice seeing older cars like that being restored and looking as good or better than they did from the factory.
It is so nice when you can find and learn more about your car and can find OEM paperwork and/or manuals.

I am upgrading mine with more modern paint and interior and will upgrade the powertrain as well. I am working on a theme for mine "What a 1977 Impala SS should have been from the factory."

Like yours mine is meant to be driven. I like seeing trailer queens but I will never own one.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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