I'm selling my 2016 Impala LT, I have a few things off of the car for sale.

LED daytime running light kit with harness $250 shipped - This is the complete kit for the same price as the harness.

GodSpeed lowering springs $150 shipped
The springs were used for about 1500 miles, so they are like new.

Impala LTZ lower bumper grille $65 shipped
The lower grille was used for a couple weeks, it is like new.

The LED lights fit the 14-17 Impala that didn't come from the factory with the lights installed. The LED light kit is completely and plug and play.

You are getting with the light kit:

2 OEM GM LED daytime running lights
2 Aftermarket trim bezels (one tab missing on one of the bezels)
GEN5DIY dimming harness (this is the most expensive one they offer for this conversion, and is identical to the function of the LTZ lights)


Bicycle part Bag Carbon Automotive design Waffle iron

Circuit component Electronic engineering Electrical wiring Cable Electronic device

Camera lens Hood Automotive lighting Bumper Cameras & optics

Automotive parking light Grille Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle

Shoe Sleeve Gesture Automotive design Headgear

Local pickup also if you live around Northern VA.

Please message me for any questions, thanks!