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Hey Y'all,
Boy, do I find myself in a pickle. This post is going to be pretty long but there is a lot of information I want to include. The basic of it is that I rebuilt the transmission on an 09 impala, the 4t65-e, and now that it is back together I don't have reverse. The original problem was a broken forward apply band but while I was in there I did about everything else.

This is a link to the rebuild PDF I used for this endeavor.
I also used this Youtube video as a guide for the teardown.
There were some things in the rebuild manual that I was unable to do like the steps that required a runout gauge or certain special tools but all in all I followed 90% of the guide.
As for the things I replaced I used a Transtec master kit, replaced the pistons, new Raybestos frictions, new forward and coast band, new pressure control and tcc solenoid, new TFP, new gear selector switch, and a sonnax tcc relief valve. I also installed a rebuilt torque converter because the burnt smelling trans fluid.
I didn't replace the reverse band because it had strong reverse before the rebuild and my Son's Mom was on a tight budget (I am making nothing on this). I also didn't change the 1-2 and 3-4 solenoids for the same reason.
Now that I am done with the rebuild the car seems great in drive, shifts smooth with no hesitations. When I put it in reverse it will rock backward and you can feel it engage but when you give it gas it doesn't respond. The tach just rises and falls with the gas pedal. There are a few other issues that are new since the rebuild. There is a service traction control warning in the gauge cluster, the traction control light is on, the indicator for the gear selector is missing, the check engine light is on and for some reason, the airbag light is on. I asked mary about these issues and she says she thinks the indicator wasn't working before but other than the check engine light nothing else was on.
This was a big project and the first time I ever tried to rebuild a transmission. I wish it would have been a one and done thing but alas it doesn't seem to be. I was wondering though if anyone has any experience with the Sonnax TCC relief valve causing low pressure and making reverse not engage? Or if there is any other situation I should look for when I open this back up. I did pull the reverse servo out and check it out but it looks fine. I will be replacing the reverse band when I go back in there. I will also do the other solenoids for good measure I guess. I just want to say thanks in advance for any advice or pointers you may be able to give me.
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