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So I'm the original owner of an 08 SS. Trans was changed at @112k and the usual issues. Loved the car and my son began to use it when he got his license.

He took it to Michigan State University where he's a sophomore this year. Calls me up @2 weeks ago and says it running terribly. Had him take it the local dealer for them to look at it and the #4 cylinder barely had no compression and there was a rapping sound as well. With 197k it wasn't worth the $$$ to repair especially since all my connections are in NJ 700 miles away. Dealer offered me $300 and another wholesaler offered $500. I decided to throw it on Craig's list in Michigan and within a day car was sold for $1400. Probably could've gotten more but I'm not being greedy.

The individual that bought it has a shop and an extra block to throw in the car. So although the car is dead ( he told me metal shavings were in the block) my old SS is being resurrected.

I've had so much enjoyment with my SS since it was in the family since new. My son was upset since it was his first car and he was attached to it. I wasn't prepared to get another car financially so I decided to lease. Wanted a Malibu as I've been a GM guy all my life but ended up with a 2017 Ford Fusion SE....never had a Ford so this a first for me. It was to good of deal to not pass up. Car is for my son so it should work well.

Although I'm no longer an SS owner I'll still stalk here occasionally as its a great community here! My son says one day he wants to buy the same 08 SS black with chrome rims....never know we may be back! Have a great turkey day everyone!

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