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2006 chevy impala LT Automatic 3.8L 200k+ miles
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I replaced my radio with a double din. Wanted chimes back so I purchased and installed: Axxess Metra LC-GMRC-LAN-01 GM 2006-Up Data Bus Interface W/ Chime Retention

Never had fast blinkers before. Noticed immediately after I added the chime retainer thing. I tested all blinkers and all work. The WEIRD Part is that they have a normal pace the first 2 seconds or so once turned on but begin being hyper. I do not have led bulbs or anything. Like I said, no problems before. Is it possible that one of the bulbs in GOING bad but has not yet burned out? It does it regardless if it's on left or right. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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